Shining Divine Light Upon Your Path

... is a NEW, yet eternal, form of healing created by the Archangels and Ascended Masters that goes beyond and simultaneously integrates many methods of healing, to facilitate rapid, profound transformation in your life.

... is a divinely inspired modality for intuitive readings and angelically guided soul and energy healings created by Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, Archangel Michael Channel & Emissary. Click here for more info about Sage and how I AM Healing™ came to be.

Because this healing takes place at the original cause, and is focused at the level of ENERGY and your SOUL, I AM Healings are known to facilitate miracles of healing, insight and transformation, even in cases when you have been struggling with the same issues and painful patterns for years, decades or many lifetimes.

During the I AM session, your certified I AM Reader & Healer brings in guidance and powerful yet gentle Holy Light and healing Energy from the Angelic Realm.

After checking in with you, and with the Angels and Highest Guides, to determine what you most need and desire at that session, your I AM healer will open sacred space with a heartfelt prayer that many people say is so much more than just a prayer. It is common to feel wonderful energetic shifts or even cry tears of healing, release and joy during the prayer, which is just the initial part of the process and brings in the divine angelic energies.

The I AM healing process will then be intuitively created and crafted for you as an energetic matrix and journey unique to your needs. You will feel lovingly supported, "carried on wings of love." To read more about what people say about these sessions with the angels, click here.

I AM Healing imbues a sense of wellbeing, enhances spiritual connection with the angels and one's Highest Self, restores inner peace, joy, love and the ability to prosperously fulfill your destiny and Earth mission with ease and divine grace.

I AM Healing is appropriate for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, spiritual paths and faiths and often accelerates awakening, producing results when other healing methods have not. Unlike other types of readings with the angels which often rely on cards, numbers or other specific tools or props, or follow predetermined scripts or formulaic generic interpretations, with I AM Readings, the reader is a HIGHLY TRAINED ANGEL CHANNEL and receives information directly from the Divine on your behalf.

Your reader has also been trained for over 18 months in a supervised internship with practicum, as both an angelically guided reader AND soul and energy healer. Certified I AM Readers & Healers have hundreds of hours of training and all have trained directly with Sage, founder of the I AM Healing system, a highly gifted channel of Archangel Michael, Yeshua Jesus Christ and the Divine Mother.

Thus, you can rest assured that you are in qualified hands during your I AM healing session. You are literally in the hands of the angels!

I AM Healings are individually customized and intuitively personalized to integrate the form, function and frequency of healing that is most needed for each client in that moment and at that stage of their lives and soul's evolution.

Divinely revealed recommendations for self-healing and personal empowerment is also provided to help you continue to achieve greater health, happiness, abundance, love and awakening long after your personal session or program is complete. As I AM healers, we do this because we believe that we are ALL healers. We are ALL connected to God. We are ALL intuitive and creative and divine.

Our job and our joy is not to show you our way.
It is to help you find your own way.

We are here to help you find and recognize, and joyfully act upon, the Highest Truth deep within your own soul.

We are here to help you find your way home...

And your way forward, into your own best, blessed life.

We know that all healing is a gift from God ~ Creator and is also self-healing because you need to be an active, willing participant, desiring to heal your life. Each session is different because there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each person's needs are unique, and this will also vary from day to day.

Our mantra as I AM Healers is that we do 2 things, as Archangel Michael has told us to do:
1) We show up.
2) We get out of the way!

And let God and the Angels do the rest. This is why we can confidently say these are MIRACLE sessions!

We know that even though we are all connected to our Loving Source, there are times when anyone can feel lost, alone, stuck, confused, in pain, frustrated, afraid, impatient, stressed. And when you are tired of the struggle and feel like you need support, when you need divine and earthly help and you want to make the positive changes happen in your life, your body and your world, when you need more clarity about your path, as well as immediate healing, I AM Healers are here for you, at your service.

We consider it a great honor to show up in sacred service in this way for you. Thus far, Sage and her trained I AM healers have had a 100% success rate of every client getting excellent results and feeling that their I AM session(s) was exactly what they needed. People often say that they feel the angels guided them to this level of healing as an answer to their prayers.

If you are feeling excited by this possibility...

If the energy of HOPE and CURIOSITY is being awakened within you as you read these very words, go here now to choose your healer and enter the realm where miracles happen.

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