Prefer to get your healing session and intuitive reading directly with Sage, the founder of I AM Healing?

Sage is a leading channel of Archangel Michael worldwide.

Sage's sessions are a bit longer, 90 minutes, and like her trained readers, she will include with this special offer a bonus follow-up personal reading by email to support you beyond your live (phone or in-person) session.

Because she has over 20 years of experience and is the world's top and original provider of this powerful healing modality, her rates are a bit higher. Sage does assure you that ALL the certified I AM Healers & Readers are fully qualified. If you would like your private session with Sage directly, click below:

If you prefer a more affordable option of getting your angelic session or package with one of Sage's certified I AM Readers & Healers, click below:

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Twitter: loveandspirit

We share tons of great inspirational content and even have readings, channeled messages and more there on our communities and you will love the positive high vibrations & kindred spirits!

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Please note, Sage does not do free readings. To book a reading with Sage, use the link above. Sage does welcome a personal note and does most of her online connecting on Facebook.

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