Sit quietly and center on the space of peace, beauty and love within your own higher heart...

As you read these descriptions and view the photos of the healers, notice which seems to "jump off the page." Notice whose name or picture seems more full of Light or which you are drawn to. Trust your intuition. Your angels are guiding you to the healer and reader who is right for you.

Any and all I AM healers can help you wherever you are in the world. I AM sessions are done during a live session, usually over the PHONE OR SKYPE, however if you live nearby you can also enjoy the session in person.


Sandra Winter

"Receiving an Intuitive Angelic Miracle reading or healing from Sandra is like being in the same room with a whole flock of angels. Seriously, it's that amazing. She has an incredible gift for weaving Divine energy through sound, guided healing visualizations, direct energywork, and spiritual coaching and teaching. You will come away feeling like you are floating on clouds, with a song of the angels singing in your heart. If you need peace and upliftment, you were guided to this - and Sandra - for a reason." - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"My mission is to assist others in re-connecting to and re-membering their divine nature through my work and by allowing that to be exemplified in my own life." - Sandra Winter, I AM Reader & Healer

Sandra Winter Specializes in:
Clearing energetic blocks from the past and in the now to create a brighter future, with the aid of angelic helpers and sound healing techniques. She also assists in connecting you to your spirit guides and helpers.

Find out more about Sandra Winter...


Dr. Russell Burck

"Russell is a phenomenally empowering intuitive counselor and guide because he has a gift for asking the exact right questions to help YOU find your own answers. And he does this in a way that is so natural, brilliant, and graceful, you will be astounded. He has a very close connection to God / Jesus / Holy Spirit and will bestow a healing prayer upon you that will touch your heart and soul and quite likely, change your life." - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"I am a sojourner transmuting darkness to light, confusion to clarity, and doubt to faith. My mission as a fellow-seeker and guide is to help you find the light in the dark parts of life and yourself that people avoid. And to help you share the treasure of this experience with those around you." - Dr. Russell Burck, I AM Reader & Healer

Dr. Russell Specializes in:
1. Inner Child Healing
2. Past Life Healing
3. Aura and chakra readings to help you identify areas that would benefit from clearing or healing.
4. Intuitive and spiritual guidance to help you when you are stuck on a problem and can't get past it or let it go.

Find out more about Dr. Russell Burck...


Mark Goddard

"Mark Goddard is more than a healer, he is a true medicineman. Mark bridges the physical and metaphysical worlds in the way only a shaman can, and he is already known worldwide for his uniquely powerful Reiki psychic surgery spiritual clearings. Now as an I AM Healer, Mark brings a strong connection with Archangels Raphael, Metatron, Gabriel and Michael to even further enhance his work as a healer, along with an abiding deep awareness of the nature of Spirit, and the spirit of Nature. Prepare for magic!" - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"Where the knowledge of the mind meets the wisdom of the heart, that's the point from which I serve." - Mark Goddard, I AM Reader & Healer

Mark Goddard Specializes in:
~ Making healing a seamless integrative experience by weaving together the Earth-honoring shamanic traditions with Reiki and assistance by Angels and other helpful Divine Guides.

~ Helping you heal and harmonize your relationships with people currently in your life, and from your past (this includes past lives, childhood and other life experiences). Empowering you to speak your truth, have healthier boundaries and self-expression, forgive and let go, and experience more happiness and meaningful connections with others so you are seen and heard more for who you truly are.

~ I work on the chakras as together we go into a trance state, clearing them out and maximizing their light & vital life force energy for you. This can enhance your health, personal power, creativity, spirituality and abundance.

~ Setting you (and helping you set yourself) FREE from unwanted energies and negative patterns, thoughts and feelings, by cutting cords and utilizing the powerful shamanic psychic surgery technique.

~ Feeling more self-acceptance, honor and love, no matter what.

Find out more about Mark Goddard...


Kalai Kalimuthan

"Kalai Kalimuthan is a natural healer and intuitive. Able to hone in precisely on the true condition of your chakras and energy field (reading), Kalai will next facilitate direct and immediate healing on your energy centers and aura, bringing you a feeling of peace and openness, light and expansion. She has a gentle and wise way about her and will lovingly hold the space for you to get the healing you need, and empower you for your next steps in life." - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"You are a natural light. Embrace the light and allow it to reach out to the darkest places in the world. You are a uniquely and naturally powerful being. Realize your authentic self and step forward in life magnificently." - Kalai Kalimutham, I AM Reader & Healer

Kalai specializes in:
In-depth Aura and Chakra Readings to identify the blockages that are preventing you from moving forward in life happily and successfully.
Opening and clearing of your Chakras
Heal your inner child
Connecting with your body to hear what your body needs
Connect more with your spiritual guides
Ancestral matters
Past-life issues
Helping you to connect with your Future Self
Aura Cleansing to get rid of dark energy, fear, burdens, negative emotions and thinking patterns.

I have my own divine team who is always with me and will be present during all healings. They are comprised of Archangels and the Ascended Masters. I call upon them and God for all the readings and healings that I do.

Find out more about Kalai Kalimuthan...


Roxann Pool

"Roxann brings a wonderful warmth and wisdom to the I AM readings and healings. People always come away from them feeling more full of hope, more clear about their path, more renewed... More themselves somehow. She also brings a wealth of knowledge of Reiki, crystals, and the Divine Feminine. But what I love best about how Roxann serves as an Intuitive Angelic Miracle reader and healer is her sense of humor and magic!" - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"I am here to share my Light with the world, and help you shine the Light you are too.
And together we can create a beautiful Sun!"
- Roxann, I AM Reader & Healer

Roxanna Specializes in:
Clearings to raise your vibration, holding space to facilitate and accelerate your personal healing on all levels, and angelically guided crystal healing sessions.

Find out more about Roxann Pool...


Prana Elsie

"Prana is such a gentle and wise soul. She brings to I AM Healing and Reading sessions a wonderful depth and breadth of spiritual experience and knowledge. Her clear connection with Christ, the Angels, Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters is a great blessing!" - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"The Divine is my passion and I am here to serve as a bridge which facilitates your inner journey to healing and to living in higher vibrations, connecting to your Higher Self, to Angels and Archangels, and to the Masters of Light." - Prana Elsie Silva, I AM Reader & Healer

Prana Specializes in:
Guidance & healing in times of change and decision making; discovering and moving forward with your life purpose & best life choices; going to the next level spiritually; deeper understanding of current personal issues, breaking free from blocks; connecting more consciously with your Highest Self, Angels and Guides.

Find out more about Prana Elsie Silva...


Cassundra Ryan

"The beauty of Cassundra's work as an I AM healer is a reflection of the beautiful magical shamanic goddess that she IS. What I love about her work as an I AM healer is how connected she is with the spirits of Nature, the power animals and plant spirits, the crystal people, the elementals, and the Goddess. Cassundra is a Dreamtime Medicinewoman. If you resonate with this, she is the perfect I AM healer for you." - Sage, Archangel Michael Channel & Founder of I AM Healing

"When we connect with authenticity and love, we create space for flow, balance and harmony to occur. The healer in me asks the healer in you to greet yourself with love and honor and embrace being the Light in this world that you have come here to be."
~ Cassundra, I AM Reader & Healer

Cassundra Specializes in:
Ancestral healing. Clearing the emotional, energetic, spiritual and generational blockages or traumas that have been weaving together to contract the physical body, resulting in pain, separation, fear and a sense of disconnection. I help you experience soul freedom, access your inner truth and power and reconnect with Self & Spirit.

Find out more about Cassundra Ryan...


$297 package includes:

Full Customized Email Reading by Sage & Archangel Michael revealing which Angel(s) are here to help you, and what chakras you need cleared, balanced & energized. This information will be used by your I AM Healer to provide exactly what you need in your private session.Your reader & healer is intuitively selected for you by Sage & Archangel Michael.

Personalized LIVE 75-minute I AM PRIVATE SESSION with a Certified I AM Healer and Reader intuitively selected for you and your energetic needs, by Sage & Archangel Michael

(value of $197)

Note: You can send a preference for which healer you are drawn to (if you have a sense of that) to Sage and can still get the Email Reading by Sage + the I AM Healing Session from a healer of your choice. Or Sage will choose for you.

Bonus ecoaching session by your reader & healer for followup support


Total value = $700
Special Only $297 today

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choose 1 session with each I AM Healer
(excluding Sage) or any combination you like!




Get the higher guidance you need in a personalized intuitive reading, customized perfectly for you by one of our experienced, highly gifted certified I AM Readers & Healers.

You can choose your own reader (email Sage your preference) or Sage will intuit this for you with Archangel Michael, and assign your reading to the reader who is best for YOU.

Your email reading may include any/all of the following:


Clarity about your path and purpose, love and relationships, prosperity and more.


Find out exactly who are your Angels & Guides and how you can connect with them more consistently, easily & joyfully every day.


Channeled message from the Angels for you!


Chakra/ Aura Reading revealing the true condition of your energy field (and what you can do to heal it)


Divinely guided empowering recommendations for your healing & next steps so you can be free from the old patterns and struggles and leap confidently & joyfully forward into YOUR best life!

"That just made me cry! It is absolutely beautiful. I cannot explain how touched and moved I am. This means the world to me. That was the exact pick me up I think I needed! What a lovely message. I really cannot explain how happy that has made me. Thank you so so much! Xx"
~ Rowenna, United Kingdom

"The channeled information is validating, revealing, highly inspirational and full of great suggestions that are detailed and immediately do-able all at the same time! I drove 5 hours just to experience this reading in person, and it totally exceeded my expectations. Already since the reading, I feel more balanced, more energetic and more ready to have joyful experience undertaking these steps towards achieving my Divine Mission - all with ease and grace. I highly recommend a reading with Sage!"
~ Rebecca Chang


"I recently had the pleasure of receiving an Angel reading from Lady Roxanna. Oh my! What an amazing experience! Lady Roxanna was very attentive to my questions and answered graciously from her heart- and from the angels- in a calm and caring manner. My reading was insightful and made me feel comfortable with the entire process. Lady Roxanna included methods such as cord cutting and protection to deal with any negatives in my life. I loved that she reminded me to always meet negativity with love and light, to always show gratitude, and to ask the angels for help. I also love knowing that angels are always around to help. I highly recommend Angel readings from the amazing Lady Roxanna."
~ Helen A. Dallas TX



(limited number of readings available at this price)

After you register, be sure to check your email for details
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