Read what people are saying about their experiences with Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Readings & Healing Sessions!

"Nothing will change your life faster than working with Sage and Archangel Michael!"
~ Jessica Ventura

"The IAM healing and reading you I just received was totally awesome. What a fantastic healing session!

Your observations were spot on. You mentioned things in detail which I know you didn't have any personal knowledge of... This was a huge confirmation for me that you were definitely well connected to Spirit, and were giving me guidance from the Highest level. I give you not only my personal kudos for an excellent job, but I give you my highest recommendation as an IAM practitioner! Having a session with you was a true pleasure. You were warm, friendly, professional and extremely accurate."

~ Jean Nash, USA

My first session, we worked on weight loss and food issues. Immediately, the extra weight began coming off without my even trying! Other sessions helped me prepare for and quickly recover from surgery, improve my lovelife, increase my income and strengthen my meditation practice. In every case, the results were even better than I could have hoped for! My entire life has dramatically improved with Sage's help. I have already referred several people to her and continue to recommend her highly."
~ Mary E. Young

"A Huge THANK YOU for offering Angelic Guidance for Health, Wealth and Relationships reading. As I lay quietly, I felt a comforting presence with me. At times I felt like my body was being scanned and there was a light sensation traveling down my legs. I found the intuitive information shared to be very accurate and interesting. She was able to read how issues in my life are affecting my chakras. She offered amazing insight and I look forward to another reading. Thank you, for sharing your gift with me!!"
~ Paula H., Canada

"I HAVE FELT ABSOLUTELY RADIANT SINCE MY HEALING WITH SAGE. I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and head. My joy is back! Sessions with Sage have improved my health, my success at work, and my relationships. Thank you!"
~ Elaine Ginnold

"Your work on this planet is priceless!,
Dear Mark,
Thank you so much for an unbelievable experience of healing and guidance yesterday 10 June 2016. Your pure Heart, willingness to help me, and your connection with the Archangels made this journey a very special one! Your work on this planet is priceless! With Love, Light and gratitude."

~ Diana Berschrader, England

"Since my I AM session, I still read the Archangel Uriel message channeled for me every day to remind myself of how special I am in the eyes of the Angels. Thank you so much!"
~ Sherry M.J., Netherlands Antilles

Sage, I don't know how you did it, it must have been the angels at work as you say, but somehow you reconnected me with my inner joy! I never thought I could feel this good again. Talk about a shift. You are amazing! Wow!"
~ Bonnie H.

"That just made me cry! It is absolutely beautiful. I cannot explain how touched and moved I am that you thought of me and wrote something that means the world to me. You must have sensed something as that was the exact pick me up I think I needed! What a lovely message. I really cannot explain how happy that has made me. Thank you so so much. Xx"
~ Rowenna, United Kingdom

"Amazing Reading & Healing!
I have recently had the privilege of Chakra Healing and Chakra Journey sessions with Kalaivani. Both were amazing. I clearly felt Kalai working on me even though I am in Texas, USA & she is in Singapore. Kalai identified blocks & issues that resonated with how I had been feeling. She worked with my guides to help clear my blocks & sent healing. I was able to meet with my guides which was a truly remarkable experience. Now I have some names of who I'm actually working with! I received so much information & have lots to think about. I feel lighter & much better after the healing. I learned a lot from her. Kalai was a delight to work with, very professional & intuitive. I would highly recommend her. Thank you, Kalai!"- Jennifer Kelly, United States

"Mark's level of integrity as a healer and his ability to guide me through very sensitive areas with ease and grace are hugely appreciated!
"From the very beginning of our session (or even before that) he created a healing space of sacred connection, which eliminated resistance and allowed more healing Energy to pour in.

Mark's intense yet gentle presence throughout the whole session ensured the warmth and safety needed for the wounded parts to show up and be treated by the Light! The information that Mark channeled during the different parts of the session were accurate and laser focused to the needs of every moment.

Mark's level of integrity as a healer and his ability to guide me through very sensitive areas with ease and grace are hugely appreciated! I could actually feel his healing work as it was unfolding and receive the healing love and the caring presence during the entire session! I highly recommend Mark and his healing work!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Infinite waves of unconditional LOVE from my heart to yours!"
~ Eirini, Greece

"SAGE, THIS PAST-LIFE REGRESSION & HEALING WAS SO AMAZING -- It was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life. In fact, it has so changed me, I am making a film based on it!"
~ Ryan Loiselle

"I had an I AM energy clearing and healing done today. My root (1st) chakra was leaking so she repaired that, my sacral (2nd) was too yellow so she adjusted that frequency. My solar (3rd) needed a portal closed, and she also spent time on my throat (5th). All that in one session. Wow! Thanks again!"
~ Yvonne B., Canada


"They have empowered me, they energize me, enlighten me and helped me manifest more miracles and blessings than I could have even imagined possible! I now have a great new job ($5,000 more every month), improved relationships, and SO much more happiness. I am steadily and very quickly creating my Dream Life with the help of Sage and Archangel Michael! What would happen in your life if that came true for you as well?"
~ Marija Strat, Sweden

"When Kalai did the opening prayer, I felt the opening and my heart was warmed. I felt the prayer was beautiful, from her heart, sincere and straight to the point. On the Intuitive Angelic Miracle Chakra and Aura Reading - - The reading is remarkable. I would recommend Kalai to my friends."
- Veronica Galinda-Rios

"I recently experienced a private healing session with Mark and Oh my God! It was huge! It felt like a dam broke loose. I've had clearings before but this was unbelievable. Mark opened up all my chakras, and I felt so light afterwards.

I don't know how he did it but he used a combination of shamanic healing, psychic surgery, prayer, Reiki and angelic healing and it was phenomenal. All this was done over the phone and I could really feel the shift and opening at a very deep level.

Thank you so much, Mark!"

~ Debra Gerrie, Texas


"When I signed up to get an intuitive session with Russell Burck, I was expecting the traditional – 'I see XYZ in your future' but his style is very different. He has a rich history of counseling - seeing the big picture - and guiding people thru troubled seas. His intuition was right on and helped me to understand and put my feelings into context and feel more free.

I had felt a lot turbulence about what my next career path is. I will be transitioning from a non-traditional intuitive Chiropractor of 25 years to working in groups and developing systems that will allow people to transcend the obstacles preventing them from achieving their soul's purpose.

Russell asked me some of his intuitive questions. They led me to the realization that the turbulence is tied to regret. The kind of regret that could keep me stuck in a profession that does not fully serve my life purpose. Clearly I have gained a lot of experience that will aid me - but it is time to move into the next phase.

My freedom came when I realized that there is absolutely nothing to regret. Does the butterfly regret that it is no longer a caterpillar? I recommend you get a session with Dr. Russell Burck! :)"
~ Julia Christine Lewis, D.C.

"You confirmed everything. I felt comforted and nourished as if I had a blanket of angelic love around me. I'm also feeling joyful after the healing and prayer. I felt energy moving and releasing. Saw a plug being removed from base of my skull. Felt inner peace in my heart. Very beautiful healing!"
~ Pamela D, Saskatchewan

I arrived in a deep depression, grieving, and feeling like I couldn't go on. By the end of that session, I was crying tears of happiness and declaring 'I've got my joy back!' Sage also taught me how to continue the healing on my own with a heart meditation which I still use regularly. Her work gave me peace, 100%, a lasting inner peace that is totally real. I am still feeling so full of love -- and it's been a year since my session."
~ Sandra Reed

"I was emotionally upset. I was lost and confused and could not make a decision. I arranged for an angelic healing session with Kalai. I received clarity through her channelled message from her guides to me. Not only did she deliver channelled messages but also helped to clear my energy and balance my chakras and heal them. I felt so light and happy after the I AM healing session!"
~ Likeleko MissDee Damane, Africa

"I feel renewed with a new confidence and new zest for life!"
To Mark Goddard -
Testimonial for Healing Session on May, 18 2017 Mark's talents are simply amazing! He has a powerful process that takes you inward on a magical, mystical healing and self reflective journey.

The process was powerful, precise and expansive. It reached core wounding that was waiting for the healing presence of love and light; and forgiveness. With ascended masters, higher self and angelic presence and a willingness to be guided by Mark's purity and angelic like presence; deep healing and shifting truly is possible.

I feel renewed with a new confidence and new zest for life! To a precious mentor and friend;
Love, Gratitude and a multitude of Blessings!"

~ Beverly Stickley, Canada

"Thank you so much, Cassundra, for the incredible I AM Healing you did for me. Even though I felt like I was at the edge of a proverbial cliff when we first started, you gently guided me through it, helping me release that which no longer served me. This gave me a new beginning and a feeling of lightness! Your caring and insights were just what I needed to be pointed in a new direction."
~ Helen P., Canada

"Sage, you and the angels helped me manifest and buy my Dream Home, and launch my business and I am just so happy and excited now, I just can't say enough about what you and Archangel Michael do. Thank you!!!"
~ Lisa House

"Thank you for this wonderful healing you created for me. You intuitively guided me to and through some painful memories, allowing me to release the darkness attached to them. To me, everything that was missing was confirmed for me through your healing. Everything that I felt has been linked together. You're the glue that mixes, matches and pastes it together. I am very grateful for that. I now feel 'aired out' and lighter! Thank you! I feel so much better and relieved to have been able to let all of that go!"
~ Saugus B. - Canada

"I had seen continuous disappointments in my life since my youth. To get a breakthrough, I engaged an I AM healing session with Kalai. Kalai helped to deliver Divine messages to me and clear the energy blocks in my Chakras. She identified the chakras that needed healing and healed them. She also helped to clear the dense energy in my aura. I felt light, hot and very happy after the healing. With the chakra healed and energy cleared in my 3rd eye, I am able to feel and read people’s past and present. I also felt very postitive, eager to move forward in life and was inspired to teach my son to be positive."
- Liany Sebastian, Indonesia


"Russell is gentle in his approach and very respectful of the person he is working with. Russell does coaching with an intuitive twist. He leads one to the answers they are wanting like gentle flowing water." ~ Cynthia Lee Shelton, LCSW, therapist, Pflugerville TX.

"Cassundra, I thoroughly loved my healing with you. You've helped make a real difference in the way I perceive my life and to be shown awareness of my true self. I feel validated, alive, awake and I'm in love and at peace for my uniqueness and I no longer feel resistant to change. I am so blessed to have worked with you!"
~ Anna Y., Australia

"I've experienced a lot of pain and unhappiness in my life and for as long as I can remember I would wake up every day with this dreadful anxiety about where my life was heading and I really didn't know where to begin to make the changes that I needed to get on track. I didn't know what to expect when I first made an appointment with you, I may have even been a bit skeptical but after we started talking I felt at ease and knew I was in the right place. The first I AM Healing was full of clarity and wisdom for me and since the third healing I've been able to draw from this well of inner strength. I'm still getting broad ranging insights from my healing experience. And the journaling you suggested for me to do is helping me to see how the smallest breakthroughs have added up to big life changes. You, my dear, are an inspiration and I can't thank you enough for helping me to find a new lease of life."
~ Nancy, USA
My life has changed so much since I started working with you, Sage.

Life before I found you was like running on the hamster wheel, unsatisfactory, riding the roller coaster of negative thoughts/ emotions and oblivious and untrusting of anything spiritual/ religious. I was unsure if God really existed or if you were really authentic or not. I felt disconnected from myself and from Spirit.

I overcame this doubt when you healed and removed the block from my crown chakra. Your readings are so accurate, it's unbelievable.

More evidence was brought to my attention that Spirit does exist through your channeling and intuition. Now, I am a lot more consistently joyful and positive. And I am steadily attracting more abundance into my life.

The one big thing I've learned from you, Sage, is everything is love and God loves us all unconditionally. I am immensely more grateful for everything that happens every single day. And I now really understand that everything is created by God therefore everything is Love.

The spiritual and personal growth you have helped me experience have been immeasurable and more than I could have dreamed possible. You treat your clients like family and approach healing from the heart. I cannot thank you enough for helping me find my true calling in life, as a animal Reiki healer! And I will never ever forget the MIRACLE that took place at the end of a healing session in your healing space: When the ANGEL appeared on the closet door and gave me a message. Such an incredible experience - Words cannot even say! I am still in total awe of this! Thank you, Sage! I am so grateful to you and I thank Spirit for guiding me to you!

~ Daisy Chen, RM, Animal Mystic & Reiki Master

"The I AM reading by Kvani Kalimuthan was amazingly detailed and fascinating. She gave a lot of information about my aura and each chakra, and it was very informative and comprehensive. It was a confirmation of some of what I knew and hoped for, including where I needed help. She gave me specific areas that I can focus on and heal, and I now more fully understand what is holding me back and how to improve those areas so that I can move forward. This reading helped me tremendously, and I am very grateful – thank you so much, Kvani, this reading was amazing and beyond my expectations!"
- Lynn Pollaine Miclea, California, USA


"I experienced a major shift and breakthrough during a one-on-one Spiritual Healing Session by Mark. We cleared out blocks in my lower three chakras relating to childhood traumas and also removed stuck entities.

Mark made me feel safe and supported throughout the process. Mark used a combination of Reiki, shamanic healing, angelic prayer and divine intervention to clear out very old blocks. He also cleared out stuck entities and helped me have Highest Self healing. There were so many tears and emotions expressed!

I was given a gift from the spirits of a beautiful multi-faceted crystal emanating with Personal Power. Archangel Michael came in and we hacked away all the remaining cords.

When it was over, I felt great! UPLIFTED!

On top of all that incredible healing, I also met one of my spirit animals (a beige mountain lion) who gave me the message 'Let go and be free.' I cried with joy!

When it was all over, I felt hugely relieved and I felt much lighter, as if I was my real self again and I could breathe. My pain completely went away. I woke up with so much more joy and energy the next day and have been feeling the same ever since. And my pain is still entirely gone.

Thank you so much, Mark! It was an amazing session!"


"Cassundra, you were so good at getting me to open up. You got me to unravel my thoughts, beliefs and purpose in one session and that's incredible seeing I've never felt comfortable opening up like that to anyone before. I am amazed at how quickly this healing works to knock down those barriers. You are a genuine good listener and a very supportive and open minded person. Thank you for your insights and thank you again for the healing."
~ Mark L., Australia


"Along life's journey, there are times when we seem to get stuck. For me, an unconscious belief formed during my childhood became a stumbling block. I had an 'Ah-ha!' moment when I recognized a particular thought pattern that, as an adult, I recognized as totally flawed. I had thought that mere recognition would allow me to move forward, but the belief was embedded so deeply in my soul and I had become entwined and ensnared by this long-held (albeit false) belief, that just understanding it was not enough.

In just 30 minutes, Dr. Burck was able to lead me through an exercise which allowed me to finally move past this belief which had been blocking me. He intuitively knew just the right questions to ask. And after the session, I felt lighter and more fully connected to my inner guidance. I am so grateful for Dr. Burck's gifts, abilities and insights! Thank you!"

~ Sincerely, Sara Gettys

"Thanks for the awesome healing! I am amazed at how you honed in on my problem with the help of the Angels and Ascended Masters to get to the core of my problem. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe again.

The Angels took me on a journey back into my past to heal a situation that was obviously causing me pain in my present day life, and stopping me from moving forward. I am so relieved to be free of the disabling pain so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest.

Thanks again! I will certainly refer friends and relatives to you who are in need of your wonderful skills."

~ Fred B. - Canada

Sage's Healing and Teachings are truly a Divine Manifestation and Gift to help us to Align to our True Purpose and enJOY an Abundant, Vibrant Life. The Omnidimensional Healing Modality(OHM) and Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) healing she does with the angels, and Aligning with Abundance and Angelic Abundance Activator programs are Pure Magic!

Sage's generosity and abundance energy touch her clients so deeply that Transformation begins instantly, because it truly transcends time and space. In just one healing session, not only did I gain immediate clarity and confidence, empowering me to successfully move forward with my life purpose and mission (even going back to school at my age!) but two relationships in my life were instantly healed as well!

And even though I am thousands of miles away, the power of the healing with Sage and Archangel Michael is so great, it is one of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had.

This is the real thing - deeply transforming work and play....Inspiring me..... It keeps me glowing as the Light brightens up from within...

I am more successful in my career, more full of joy, love, peace and abundance. I think of your healing as my SPIRITUAL GROWTH HORMONE! Thank you, Sage!"

- Supriya Roy, Physician-Healer, India

"I want to thank you so much for your beautiful gift of I AM Healing. You have a wonderfully gentle yet powerful way of working with your alliance of Angelic beings that helped me to experience a more expansive version of myself. I received a far deeper sense of my own connection and place in the cosmos as I was being grounded and held in love, and I'm now feeling like I've been given brand new wings to fly with that will support my journey with more freedom to feel safe in my own authentic expression. Beautiful blessings for your kind heart!"
~ Ally R. - Australia

"Messages from My Angels
The chakra and aura process provided reassurance and validation of everything I have been thinking and feeling. I love the rating scale to know where my chakras are and which angels and masters I am communicating with. Kalai was so kind and non-judgemental which allowed me to be who I truly am and say what I want to say. I enjoyed the messages from my angels. Kalai also was very accommodating to fit the session into my schedule. This Intuitive Angelic Miracle Reading is a process that I will continue to do throughout my life to keep gauging where I am at and what messages I need to receive."
- Randi Motte, Canada


"I have just been honoured to have a brief session with Intuitive Consultant Russell Burck. I'm currently at a fork in the road in my business life and this offered an opportunity for guidance on which direction to take. Russell's skill in asking pertinent questions and reflecting back my responses, allowed me to express my thoughts and clearly 'hear' my ideas. He also brought to my attention a very important point, contextualizing it in a way that will be most helpful in my marketing, and which I would never have seen or considered on my own. This was beneficial and Russell's questions were intelligent and knowledgeable.

He was always respectful and genuinely encouraging of my ideas, and I recommend his services to others seeking clarity. Thank you, Russell!"
~ Virgina Huuponen, Perth, Australia

"Sandra Winter genuinely cares for the person she is working with. I had another opportunity to receive healing from Sandra. I had to do a 're-birth' process. Sandra helped me to do it with the help of the Angels, where the healing went all the way to my Akashic Records. Whatever the Angels were doing in there with my Akashic Record, I felt it. It was indeed a powerful healing. It is always a pleasure to work with Sandra as she is a good listener and very helpful. She genuinely cares for the person she is working with." ~ Kvani Kalimuthan

"Roxanna Pool facilitated a soul retrieval for me and the results were instantaneous and phenomenal! I was adopted and have had emotional, spiritual and even physical issues related to this deep mother-wound for over 50 years. The Angelic I AM Soul Retrieval by Roxanna helped me forgive my birthmother, restore an essential piece of my own heart and soul, regain vitall ife force energy and joy. I feel so much less 'triggered' about my birthmother now. It's like a huge painful weight was lifted off my heart. And months later, I am still feeling so much lighter and freer. This healing really was a miracle. Roxanna, thank you, and thanks to the spiritual guides. You are a wonderful healer!" ~ Anna Scott, Reiki Master & Hypnotherapist

All testimonials presented herein are real. Most people experience profound, even life-changing positive results with I AM Healing and Readings, however there is no guarantee of results because this will depend upon the readiness of the individual and their commitment to healing. I AM Readings & Healings are not to be used as a substitute for other health, psychological or medical care and I AM healers and readers do not represent themselves as licensed physicians. The founder and certifier of I AM Healers and Readers, Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard takes no responsibility for any harm that may result from any session and/or service performed by any certified I AM Healer or Reader. All I AM Healers and Readers are held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and quality and have all been trained for 18 months in clairvoyance, clairaudience, energy mastery and healing and angelic channeling. Always use your own best judgment when signing up for a healing, program, reading or session of any kind. Listen to your own voice of wisdom within.

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